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Too much negativity is a bad thing, and the last thing I wish to be known as is a spouter of hatred and negative energy. I still hate Dawn, make no mistake. Today I'd like to talk about Spike.

Spike is the coolest vampire on the show, and was even when Angel was still around. Honestly, I never really liked Angel all that much, especially after the first time he took his shirt off. Xander also gets on my nerves a little, but I don't really hate him anymore. Spike is also the sexiest man on the show. Feel free to argue.

So what brings up Spike? I just saw, for the first time, the episode where Spike recounts to Buffy the two times he killed a slayer. In this episode we learn that he does not look good in froofy English clothing of the late 1800's and that glasses do not suit him. Most importantly, however, we learn that he is left handed. Spike is a lefty, and I love that. We need more sexy lefties in this world. Can anyone think of other sexy lefties?
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